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Sell & Trade Unwanted Stuff

Either Sell your unwanted goods for Cash,

or simply Trade it all in for an Exchange Voucher.

"You trade this much?!?"....

To Sell or Trade your unwanted stuff, either:-

Contact Us directly on 07766-292-281 or

Message Us at Import Emporium's Facebook Page

Please provide a full list of stuff you wish to sell while providing some good quality pictures if possible.

What happens after we've arranged a Trade Deal?

Once a Trade-In has been discussed with us, it's then up to you to make the next move. We will require you to send in all of your unwanted stuff to the address given to you at the time of the conversation regarding the trade. All postage costs and packaging are your own responsibility and we will not be held responsible for any items that are damaged or lost in transit.

What happens once I've sent my items out?

Once we receive your goods successfully, we will notify you explaining that we will now begin testing all your goods in full for the next 2-to-48 Hours. After that time period has passed, we will contact you again to let you know exactly which items have passed or failed our quality testing procedures.

What happens to my 'Failed' items once the testing procedures have finished?

All failed items will be sent back to you within 48 Hours incurring a postage charge from you before the return shipment is made.

How can I avoid any slip-ups ( such as 'Failed' items in testing, lost or damaged parcels in transit etc.)?

To avoid any disappointment for both you and us at Import Emporium, we strongly advise everyone to package their items extra securely using protective packaging such as bubble wrap in order to avoid any damage upon arrival.

We also advise you to send your items with insurance so that you're also covered in the unlikely and unfortunate event that you parcel ends up lost or stolen. This is all down to you and we will not be held responsible for any mistakes made on your part.

All items sent to us should also be discussed in full and double-checked over by yourself before posting them to us in order to avoid any wasted time for either of us. The last thing we want is to make our trading experience less exciting.

What gaming stuff do you accept, and would you take any game?

We'll only take in stuff that we personally want or are generally interested in. To find out if your item/s meets our demands, check out the 'Import Emporium's Most Wanted' list below.

How do you grade each item's condition when taking them in?

We will not take in any incomplete or badly condition / damaged games. All games should be fully boxed with instruction booklets in full working condition.

Consoles, Accessories, and other hardware must be fully working without any faults, and we will accept any hardware regardless of if it's boxed or not, however prices may vary.

What's the difference between a Cash or Trade offer?

Cash and Trade Values differ depending on each item, and we'll offer you a much better deal if you were to take a Trade Voucher instead of the Cash offer. This is because you are essentially buying something from our store aswell as selling something to us when accepting the 'Trade' option.

How will I receive a cash offer from you?

Cash Offers are paid directly to any chosen PayPal account.

How does my Trade-In work?... What if I have some left over Trade Value after buying something?

Trade offers are 'Virtual In-Store Online Credit' that is added to your Import Emporium account for use at any given time, so you don't need to use it all in one transaction if you don't want to. It will be saved for the next time you shop at 'Import Emporium' Just contact us before purchasing again if you have left overs in store credit and wish to use it.

Prices and Wanted Items are changing all the time, so be sure to check back on occasion to see what changes have been made to our Wanted List.

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