Sega Saturn

Although massively overshadowed (particularly in the west) by the Sony Playstation, the Sega Saturn shouldn’t be dismissed by gamers. Cherished by it's devoted fans but doomed to an early demise, The Saturn sadly had too many cards stacked against it right from the start. Fresh on the tails of the 32X fiasco, Sega desperately wanted to start anew with this full-fledged 32-bit system, but unfortunately the damage had already been done. Even seasoned gamers and many Sega fans were reluctant to give Sega another chance after they had been burnt with the 32X and Sega CD.

Years later, people started to see the positives in the Saturn's offerings. There is a reason why it's deemed a favourite among Hardcore Sega Collectors worldwide. It's also my personal favourite console ever made, probably due in part to the fact that it's also the most criminally underrated console of all time.

The Saturn was technically a 2D powerhouse at the time of it's release and continued to provide gamers with visually stunning sprite-based games, and top-quality arcade conversions of many great Arcade hitters. This was perfect for someone like myself but for many others; the big buzz surrounding the time of it's release was Sony's heavily marketed Playstation console and it's advanced 3D Polygonal capabilities. However, looking back on it now, the Sega Saturn has definitely withstand the test of time for it's better use of 2D visuals. If you are a big fan of 2D Fighters & Shmups (Shoot Em' Ups) then this is definitely the perfect system for you. However, I would seriously recommend that you delve into the Japanese Import scene if you really want to get the most out of your Saturn. There's many games out there that never made it over here from Japan.

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Sega Saturn