The Dreamcast was Sega's last attempted at a console before eventually going third-party.

It is favoured by many hardcore gamers & collectors alike, due to console having many great games throughout it's release.

In my opinion, the Sega Dreamcast was the console that offered the best launch line-up in gaming history, with classics like Sonic Adventure, Sega Rally, Virtua Fighter, Power Stone, and more.

There was no denying that from a gaming stand-point, this was an awesome gaming console with tons of third party support from the likes of Capcom and many more.

The console from an hardware stand-point was also very revolutionary at the time as it offered Online Gaming to the masses, a unique memory card known as the VMU, and was also the very first console to ever offer Downloadable Content.

However, if you take off your rose-tinted goggles for a moment and look at the Dreamcast as it is today, you'll soon realise that the hardware is very unstable. The console is very prone to breaking down due to the shoddy laser design. Sega Skimped out on the Dreamcast laser due to the Saturn's laser costing them alot of money. The console is also one of the loudest and annoyingly noisy pieces of console hardware ever produced and because of all this, if you were to put the software to one side and just look at the Dreamcast from a hardware perspective, it really isn't all that good.

Who cares though right?.... So long as the games are good (I hear you saying....) then what's the problem?... Well, wouldn't you rather play the games on a better and more stable console if you could?.... That's what we believe.

As gamers who always strive to get the best out of our gaming lifestyles as much as possible, we have decided to come to the conclusion that the Sega Dreamcast console is our least favourite console (Hardware Wise) and for that, is also the console that we would like to ditch as soon as possible if we can get our Dreamcast Software & Game Experiences elsewhere. That's right.... if the game has been re-released on another console elsewhere, we will always choose another format for the game, over the Dreamcast version (unless in rare instances, the Dreamcast game actually plays better, or offers better / unique content).