Gamecube NTSC USA Games

NTSC USA Gamecube games are a much Superior Region to collect for.

Firstly, they always output at the developers intended Full-Screen / Full-Speed 60hz refresh rate, unlike PAL games that are intended to display in a much slower (sometimes bordered) 50hz refresh rate resulting in a 17.5% decrease in overall game speed, as well as an uglier picture quality overall. Sure, there are some PAL games that offer a 60hz option upon boot up, but not all PAL games offer that option, so it's not always a guarantee that you'll be getting a better experience with a PAL game then what you would get if you were to buy the NTSC version.

Secondly, USA Gamecube games offer a much wider range of titles that can display in 480P Progressive Scan output, resulting in a much sharper and crisper image quality then that of PAL games that mostly run in 480i Interlaced.

Now you may be thinking that all NTSC games (wether it be USA or JAP versions) are all the same, and for the most part you'd be right, but wouldn't you rather be playing the game in English instead of having to skip through tons of Japanese text? That's why I'd rather pick up Gamecube games in the NTSC USA Format over their JAP counter parts (unless of course the game was only released in Japan).

Finally, the best part of NTSC USA Gamecube games is that they contain the biggest database of Action Replay codes available across the net, compared to the other regions offerings. Also, I must not forget the better looking Cover Spine Art.

Gamecube NTSC USA Games

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