Playstation 4 / Pro

Playstation 4 is Sony's Next-Gen attempted at making a true HD games console that is finally capable of delivering 1080P gaming visuals at a blistering 60 frames per second. That doesn't mean that every game developer in the world is going to take advantage of this however, as some of them still do stupid things like sacrificing solid gameplay and framerate performances over raw graphics.

The Playstation 4 received a Slim version of the console and also a 'Pro' upgraded version too, although the Pro version is only really worth your time if you are planning to jump on board the VR train. The Slim Model on the other hand is more then capable for everything else and is the model that eventually replaced the Original PS4 console in store shelves such as 'GAME'.

For this generation of Game Consoles, The Playstation 4 is the better choice when it comes to all the Multi-Platform game releases (for now) as they tend to run much better in performance and resolution compared to the Xbox One versions.

That might all suddenly change though when it comes to the Xbox One X, because Microsoft has plans to patch some of the Standard Xbox One games to run much smoother and at higher resolutions then all of the consoles this generation.

As of now though, there couldn't be a better time to buy a Playstation 4 console.

With tons of great exclusive games that you can only buy on Playstation 4,

aswell as a whole host of true HD Remasters of older PS3 games,

there's so many great games to enjoy on Sony's new machine. 

Playstation 4 / Pro