Playstation 4 PAL UK Games

Playstation 4 games are 'Region Free' worldwide and are part of the Modern Generation of games consoles, so we no longer have the dreaded PAL problems of Retro consoles in the past, such as 50/60hz and crapper visuals then our NTSC counterparts any longer, thank god.

All games are just as great as the other regional releases worldwide and in some ways, I'd even go as far as to say that they may be the superior versions too, especially if they are released later on, (but then saying that, all games today get patches so who am I kidding). ;)

Bottom line, we may be known as 'Import Emporium' but unless a modern console game never comes out in Europe / UK, then there's simply no reason to buy Import versions of them.

So go ahead and feel safe in finally buying UK game releases for all your Modern Platforms. This applies to all Modern Platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One S / X, Playstation 4 / Pro, & Playstation 3, as all these machines are Region Free out of the box. 

Playstation 4 PAL UK Games

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