Columns Arcade Collection

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Very Good, Complete (+Spine & Registration Cards)


Back when Tetris was all the rage Sega needed a puzzle game that could combat the almighty Nintendo with their Tetris license. Thus a new puzzle star was born, Columns.

This Sega Ages pack not only includes the original columns that many of you may know from the Mega Drive (identical to it’s arcade brother) but also Columns II, Stack Columns (which is set to a Las Vegas theme and includes quite a few unique twists), and finally the best of the lot, Columns ’97 which runs on the STV arcade board in high resolution. Which basically means a Sega Saturn in an arcade cabinet.

Aside from Columns ’97, all the others seem to be based on the same hardware and therefore look pretty much like 16 bit games. Not that that’s a bad thing since they all still play amazingly well. There is a unique little extra that allows you to change both the sprites of the gems aswell as use alternative sound effects in all 4 games (mostly for comedy value) but they need to be unlocked.

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