M3 DS Real Flash Card + 32GB Micro SD Card Included

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  • £49.99

The greatest & most reliable fan-favourite Flash Card for DS Lite!

Very Good, Unboxed, 32GB Micro SD Card Included, Latest M3 Sakura Firmware installed. Includes Cheat System Files, A Good Selection of Saved Game Files, & Plenty of Extras :)

Features Include

  • Homebrew Enabler - Allows you to play with all sorts of Homebrew games and applications on your DS Lite.
  • DS Games on a Single Cart - Save space by carrying your entire DS Games Library on a single cartridge.
  • Game Save File Manager - A more versatile way to handle your game saves. Swap, Download, and Share them.
  • Built-In Cheat System - Crack your games wide open with tons of cheats and plenty of replay value throughout.

Play some of the Very Best & Highly Recommended DS Games:-

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