Fighters Megamix

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What better way could Sega have said thank you to their loyal fans than to make them a special game? That's where Fighters Megamix came from. Sort of a special fighting game for the fans of Sega's Virtua Fighter series or so we were told.

Fighters Megamix is in fact Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers rolled in to one. The game looks more Fighting Vipers than Virtua Fighter 2 thanks to the light sourcing and 3D arenas that were not present in Virtual Fighter 2. The game however plays in whatever style you choose. I personally play in Virtua Fighter mode but others may prefer the playability of the Fighting Vipers mode. Which ever you pick still allows you to use VF or FV characters.

Virtua Fighter fans willl notice that there are a few VF3 moves added to some of the characters. Was this a test to see how they would work on the Saturn for the port of VF3 that never got released? Who knows. Also present in Fighters Megamix is the desert stage from VF3 and the Arabian character that was originally to be in VF 1 until he was dropped. Other highlights are two stages and characters that appeared in Sonic The Fighters. Another game that was in development for the Saturn but never made it. There are absolutely tons of hidden goodies in this game including some really crazy special characters such as the Hornet from Daytona !!

Fighters Megamix is a wonderful fighting game with loads of hidden goodies that will keep you playing for ages. Best of all, this game is so cheap that you simply can't afford to not buy it.

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