Hanagumi Taisen Columns

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Very Good, Complete (+Collectable Stickers, Spine & Registration Cards)


I must admit that I was quite impressed with this cash in on the Sakura Taisen license. The quality of the product is very good and not just a quick re-hash of the original Columns like you might be thinking. The presentation of this game is top-notch with high production values which is to be expected from anything Sakura Taisen. There are many options of play including 1 player, Story mode, 2 player and 1 player vs. The graphics within the main game are very pretty with beautifully rendered jewels. The audio is also pretty nice with renditions of the original Sakura Taisen themes plus original voices for each character.

The game just oozes fun for all Columns and Puzzle game fans. There is some strategic element to the multi-player matches also. As you eliminate gems, you build up a gauge known as the Kai-Metre. Once it's full, you can choose to either attack your opponent by dropping some gems onto their playing field, or you could choose to be defensive and eliminate some jewels from your side of the screen. This certainly gives the game a unique strategic style of play that makes for a refreshing change compared to most of the standard puzzle games out there.

Overall Hanagumi Taisen Columns is a very addictive game that’s well worth your attention. Even more so then the Saturn's 'Columns Arcade Collection'.

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