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Very Good, Complete (+Moves List, Special Bonus Disc, Spine & Registration Cards)


The Saturn has many great fighting games so is there room for another? Last Bronx is a conversion of Sega's Model 2 Arcade game just like Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers were. Last Bronx was release a long time after those two titles though. So have the visuals improved? In short, yes they have. Last Bronx runs in the Saturn's highest resolution and even features semi-3D backgrounds like Fighters Megamix. Some stages are very impressive indeed such as the subway and car park levels. These stages make good use of a combination of the Saturn's 2D and 3D powers. The truth is that the side walls are just scaling 2D back grounds drawn in an isometric style. The roof and floor are 2D mode 7 sprites. The only real 3D objects are the characters and surrounding ring. This doesn't matter though because the end result is fantastic.

Last Bronx plays just like most of Sega's 3D fighters. In other words it's good. If you've played Fighting Vipers, Virtua Fighter or Fighters Megamix then you know what to expect here. The only thing that really separates them apart is the use of the weapon system in Last Bronx.

The Japanese version of Last Bronx comes with a Special extra CD that contains training exercises as well as character profiles and other goodies.

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