My Best Friends

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Don't be easily fooled by the front cover into think that this is just another one of those Japanese text based Adventure games, because IT'S NOT!

Atlus take a break from producing action and driving games and bring us a nice little jigsaw puzzle game. There are quite a few games like this on the Saturn however this one has got to be my favourite of them all. Why? Well it's just the whole feel to the game and the bright and cheerful pace it has. The characters, while your standard anime clichés are welcoming thanks to their little introduction videos before each puzzle. It's not like they are the best animation in the world but for some reason they just fit so well in this game.

The actual jigsaw puzzles start off pretty simple so after completing them the lovely lady in question won't show much of her body but play some more and you'll soon find yourself struggling against the clock to finish the puzzles and what makes matters worse is that if you make a mistake you are given a time penalty.

As well as the main jigsaw puzzle mode there's also an art gallery and phone book section in which you can call the woman you beat during the game. You'll have to beat her a few times mind you to get her phone number.

My Best Friends is probably the only RED-18 Labelled games that I know which also happens to be a fun and playable title aswell.

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