Puyo Puyo SUN

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Very Good, Complete with Stickers & Spine Card


Puyo Puyo Sun is probably the best of all the Puyo Puyo games out there. The amount of different options, modes etc out weigh any other version of Puyo Puyo that I know of.

Puyo Puyo as you know is "that" puzzle game which has you joining different coloured blobs to each other in order to perform a chain reaction. You may be thinking "wait a minute, Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean machine on the Mega Drive and Kirby's Ghost Trap on the Super Nintendo are just the same game". To tell the truth, both of them are bastardized American versions of Puyo Puyo and pale very badly in comparison to the Japanese originals made by Compile.

As well as being a very addictive action puzzle game, Puyo Puyo fun is full of humour too that will keep you interested throughout the story section of the game. This Saturn version also includes the original Arcade introduction as well as an all new animated introduction.

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