Sega Rally Championship 1995

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Very Good, Complete (+Spine & Registration Cards)


The original King of Rally games comes to the Saturn proving that it is possible to make a driving game on the Saturn without horrendous pop up. The strange thing is that no other racer on the Saturn ever came close to recreating Sega Rally's amazing (for the Saturn) visuals. The next closed was Daytona Championship Edition. I'd say that Sega Touring Cars Championship was a really solid looking game but had a frame rate problem which is not too good for a racer. Sega Rally on the other hand ran at a solid 30fps with minimal pop up. It even featured a split screen 2 player mode that ran just as well with a bit of detail dropped.

For those who have never heard of Sega Rally (where have you been?) it features only two cars at first, the Toyota Celica and Lancer Delta plus a secret car, the Lancer Stratos. There are also only three courses to choose from being the Desert, Forest and Mountain courses plus a bonus lake side course. So why is Sega Rally so popular with such few tracks and cars? Playability of course !! Something that's greatly missing from many titles these days. The mechanics in Sega Rally are so fine tuned making it such a joy to play that time will fly. The Saturn version of Sega Rally features three modes of play. Arcade, Time Attack and 2 player Battle which is such great fun. In Arcade mode there is the option of playing the championship or practicing. The practice mode is one I recommend you take to become accustom to the handling and master your power slides.

If you own a Saturn and you have never played Sega Rally then you have never experienced the joys of Sega Saturn. Buy it now (^v^) but don't get the US version since it was rushed out for release resulting in it being unfinished.

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