Virtua Cop 2

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Saturn Virtua Cop 2 was an amazing feat back in 1996 when it was released, and it still looks good even today. Believe it or not, the Saturn version of Virtua Cop 2 is still the best home conversions available on any system in my book. The Dreamcast version is a conversion of the PC version which just doesn't feel as good as the Saturn version, even though it runs at a higher resolution with better textures and more detailed character models. The PS2 version was a complete remake and although it was ok, it still wasn't as fun as the Saturn port in my honest opinion. 

The Saturn version features quite a few extras such as a mirror mode and 'Virtua Cop 1 mode' which essentially allows you to use the VC1 Scoring System within the VC2 game. It also has quite a bit of speech from the arcade version that was missing from other versions. The action is non-stop and as we all know the Saturn's Virtua Gun was (and still is) the best home console light gun to have ever been released (Just make sure you are playing on an old CRT Television when using a Virtua Gun, otherwise it won't work). My favourite Saturn Exclusive Easter Egg though is the ability to unlock 'Big Head' Mode. lol.

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