Virtua Fighter 2

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Very Good, Complete (+Spine Card)


Virtua Fighter 2 is an amazing piece of programming by AM2 for the Saturn. Running in the Saturn's highest Resolution (Higher than what a PlayStation can do) and putting even some of 2001's games to shame. The frame rate is a solid and silky smooth 60fps with no slow down what so ever. 

The Saturn port features all of the fighters from the arcade version along with all their moves from Virtua Fighter 2.1 and all back grounds presented in an impressive 2D style that at times could pass for real 3D thanks to clever prospective and clean zooming.

Top this all off with an awesome Arranged Soundtrack, two new console exclusive intros, and many customizable options to tinker with and you have quite possibly one of the finest Arcade-to-Console ports ever made.

Virtua Fighter 2 should be in every Sega Saturn owners collection. Period!

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