Virtua Fighter Kids

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The Virtua Fighter gang are back in Super Deformed mode !! Yes these cute renditions of the original fighters are here for business. If you've never seen Virtua Fighter Kids then it's best described as a Cuter version of Virtua Fighter 2. All of the same characters are there with all of the same moves and all of the same back grounds plus a few secret ones such as a Toy Store (Pai VS Pai match) & a Shun Cloning Factory (Shun VS Shun). It's just that now everything is super cute. Even the music has been given a little twist to make it more suitable for the game.

One of my favourite elements of Virtua Fighter Kids is the little cinema mode where you can watch all of the pre-rendered endings that you have managed to uncover. There are also many other options to keep you happy for quite some time such as the watch mode or ranking modes which return from Virtua Fighter 2, plus an exclusive Virtua Fighter Kids mode where you can customise the inputs and timings of certain moves in the game in order to make them much easier to perform. It's pretty fun being able to use Akira's super hard triple throw move by simply pressing just one button. :)

One really cool addition I liked was that certain moves trigger the famous 'multi-angle view replay' during gameplay which was taken straight out of Fighting Vipers. 

It's hard to recommend Virtua Fighter Kids to anyone after a serious fighting game. While Virtua Fight Kids plays just like Virtua Fighter 2 it's looks can be off putting for some. So I'd have to say, get it if you're after a very good comical fighter or if you are a true fan of the Virtua Fighter series who simply must have every version ever released.

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