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Very Good, Complete with Spine & Registration Cards


A Near-Flawless conversion of the smash hit Arcade game of the same name. Virtua Cop along with Virtua Fighter showed that the Saturn was more then capable of doing Model-1 Arcade Ports with ease, right out of the Saturn's launch window.

The Saturn port also includes a few extra modes like a Target Practice, a full Saturn-Exclusive Intro FMV, and plenty of awesome cheats to keep you coming back for more time and time again. I would tell you that this game is the best Light-Gun game for the Saturn if it wasn't completely outclassed in every way by it's awesome sequel, Virtua Cop 2.

Finally, please don't forget that the Saturn's Virtua Light Gun only works with CRT TV's and not the modern Flat-Screen TV's we've become so accustomed to now-a-days.

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