Daytona USA: Circuit Edition

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First off I must stress to you that the Japanese version of Daytona Circuit Edition is far superior to the Western version in terms of car handling and overall content.

The Original Daytona USA for Saturn played like a dream but unfortunately suffered from a lack of Saturn programming knowledge resulting in a low frame rate, low resolution textures and horrendous pop-up. Thankfully Sega remade Daytona USA but made a terrible mistake with the Western release known as 'Championship Circuit Edition'. First up, they had completely destroyed the classic handling of the original Saturn version, plus they had replaced all of the classic Daytona music with bastardized versions along with an opening theme by Eric Martin.

Thankfully the Japanese version was released a few months after the Western version and for a good reason. Still there was that Eric Martin opening and all those bastardized versions of the original music, but also all the original tunes were back in!!! Not only did Sega add all the original music back into the game, but also the original control method that was featured in the original release of Daytona USA.

So if you've only ever played the Western version of 'Daytona Circuit Edition' and thought it was crap then you were absolutely right. Get yourself the Japanese version. It's far superior.

So what's new in this version of Daytona USA for Saturn? Well there are now 2 extra tracks as well as the original 3 plus a choice of 8 different cars as standard plus unlockables such as the original Hornet Car and the ability to play as two different Saturn exclusive Horses that originally only used to run around as background objects on Seaside Street Galaxy in the Arcade game.

The textures used in Daytona Circuit Edition are of a far higher resolution than the original game released on the Saturn, plus there is far less pop-up too. So all in all, it's a much more improved version of Daytona for your Saturn. It may not be my favourite console version ever released (that title goes to the Digitally Released XBLA / PSN game), and although there's an equally enjoyable game released for the Dreamcast known as 'Daytona USA 2001', I still really recommend this version to fans of Daytona, and I personally own it for the Saturn Exclusive Unlockable Horse.

This game was also further improved upon for the PC in the form of 'Daytona USA Deluxe' but not alot of people have managed to get it running on modern PC's unfortunately.

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