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Sega's answer to Konami's Track & Field games hit the Saturn in 1996 and blew the competition away. There's not much to the playability apart from some good judgment and plenty of button bashing but what does make this a winner is the sheer style and fun that can be had from playing it.  

DecAthlete (or 'Athlete Kings' as it's known in the Europe) let's you compete in 10 different Olympic sports. My personal favourites are the Shot Put, Javelin, Long Jump and 110 Meter Hurdles. Graphically DecAthlete is a delight to the eyes running in the Saturn's high resolution with very high quality character models and textures that all have unique personalities, style, and grace that other games of this type seem to lack. These characters are very likeable indeed and almost comical in there appearance.

The Japanese version is the Superior Region as it also received a Region Exclusive Hidden Character that is based heavily on a real Japanese athlete known as 'Mankichi Kazami'.

This is a game that EVERY Saturn owner should own.

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