Bubble Bobble also feat. Rainbow Islands

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Very Good, Complete


An awesome old-skool Arcade Collection of 2 classic Taito games for your Sega Saturn.

This disc contains an Arcade Perfect Port of 'Bubble Bobble' along with 2x versions of 'Rainbow Islands'. One of these is again, an Arcade Perfect Port of the Original Arcade game aswell as a remake of sorts. Well, it's not really a remake with major gameplay changes as far as I know, infact it plays identical to the other version apart from the 2D Art Assets and overall graphics which have now been touched up and given a new 32-bit 2D style overall. Don't worry, it hasn't gone all 3D on us like most games of that generation.

Speaking of 3D though, there is a really horribly designed menu at the beginning along with quite possibly the ugliest 3D Intro ever. What the hell did they do to 'Bub'?... Thank god the game is still in 2D.

This game is unique in that it was never released in Japan. It only got a PAL-European release aswell as an NTSC-USA version too which you'll be happy to know that both of these regional versions are virtually identical in every way apart from the obvious TV-Display Hertz signal. 

Here's the best thing about this though, the PAL Version IS NOT a PAL-Optimized game, meaning YOU CAN boast it to 60hz using either a modified PAL Console with 50/60hz switch / selector or a standard NTSC console (USA or JAP, doesn't matter which) using a Region Free cartridge like 'Action Replay' and in doing so, the game will play just like it's NTSC-USA version with full 60hz refresh rate and no bugs / glitches at all.

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